DENO and our Relationship with the City Of Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a City of great neighborhoods because our residents choose to make a difference in the places where they live.

In 2005, the City Council formalized a process for officially recognizing neighborhood organizations throughout Palm Springs. City officials have increased opportunities for citizen involvement and built strong partnerships between City Hall and the community through these recognized neighborhood organizations. The Organized Neighborhoods of Palm Springs—formerly The Office of Neighborhood Involvement—provides residents with responsive, coordinated services that promote and support collaboration and communication through the recognized neighborhood organizations. Representatives from these neighborhood organizations form the Organized Neighborhoods of Palm Springs (ONE-PS) which meets monthly. Currently there are 43 organized neighborhoods that make up ONE-PS. ONE-PS publishes a yearly guide to Palm Springs Neighborhoods. A flip-book version of this publication can be viewed here.


Palm Springs Neighborhood Involvement Committee

The Organized Neighborhoods of Palm Springs (ONE-PS) is comprised of elected representatives from the 43 recognized Neighborhood Organizations in Palm Springs. Each recognized Neighborhood Organization, like DENO, is represented by one voting member and one alternate member. ONE-PS sets the agenda for the Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI), which was established in 2005 within the office of the City Manager. ONE-PS interacts with an official city liaison, Director of Neighborhood and Community Relations. Each month ONE-PS meets to discuss issues that affect the citizens of Palm Springs and the interests of all neighborhoods. The goal of ONE-PS is to inform and exchange ideas in order to improve processes, communications, and outcomes, or to encourage new programs and services. For example, DENO was able to volunteer to manage the floating elf balloon for the 2011 Festival of Lights Parade through inquiry at ONE-PS. Also, the concept of the neighborhood blade signs was developed through ONE-PS. The community is encouraged to come to the meetings held the second Thursday of each month at 8AM, public comments are at the top of the agenda. Information about ONE-PS and ONI can be found of the web-site for the City of Palm Springs: City Of Palm Springs

Deepwell Estates Neighborhood Organization

The Deepwell neighborhood was established in the mid-fifties with many homes reflecting the Mid-Century Modern architectural style. DENO—the oldest and largest neighborhood organization in Palm Springs—was created in 1995 to foster neighborhood spirit, to resolve problems within our neighborhood, and to have a collective voice to influence city government on issues germane to our neighborhood. We have 407 homes in our neighborhood which includes seventeen homes in the Biltmore complex. We extend from Mesquite on the North, Sunrise Way on the East, Palm Canyon on the South and Deepwell Ranch on the West. Neighborhoods are the soul of the city, inhabited by people who share a desire to reside in an environment that enhances their ability to live safely, fully, and well. When people work together on common neighborhood goals and concerns, great things happen. These are the values shared by the residents of Deepwell, the best neighborhood in Palm Springs.


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