Story Of Deepwell


Story Of Deepwell

By: Melba Bennett
Originally Presented in Palm Springs Villager
February, 1952

There is an interesting story behind all the early landmarks of Palm Springs, and one with more up and downs than a roller coaster, is the development of Deep Well Ranch area from an apricot orchard to Palm Springs’ newest residential colony known as Deep Well Ranch Estates. But because the nature of the raconteur is to “go back a piece” we will first touch on one of the early Indian legends and the birth of our first town site to give you the feel and set the mood for our story about Deep Well.
Palm Springs today wrestles with the problems of inadequate parking, snarled traffic, and high valuation of property, yet it was only about seventy years ago that the first white man purchased property in Palm Springs. People have come, and they have stayed, so why does the Chamber of Commerce grind its teeth of promotion? If they only knew the Indian legend about Chino Canyon they could relax and leave it up to Chino.

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