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Famous Residents Of Deepwell

Many Famous Residents enjoyed living in Deepwell. In the 1950's many celebrities from Los Angeles lived and played in Palm Springs and several considered Deepwell their retreat from busy work schedules.

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Neighborhood Is deepwell Of Openness and Friendliness

 by Diane Ross         


When walking through the Deepwell neighborhood, one will find a variety of architectural styles, from the mid-20th century to the new environmentally "green" houses. The area also has a variety of landscapes. With only a few homes behind tall hedges, full creative designs are visible including many drought tolerant native plantings. Residents take great pride in their homes.

At first glance, the name Deepwell seems strange in a desert community, but according to "The Unofficial History of Deepwell" by Ron Root, it is appropriate. It was here that in about 1926 that scientist Henry Pearson bought property and dug a well. Though he hit water at 100 feet, his curiosity forced him to keep going and he didn't stop drilling until 630 feet. Consequently, the name Deepwell was coined.

Today, we are a neighborhood of an estimated 369 homes including the 19 Biltmore houses. The boundaries are Mesquite Avenue on the north, South Sunrise Way on the east, East Palm Canyon on the south, and Deepwell Ranch to the west. This entire area is a mecca for bicyclists, joggers, and dog walkers. Many people get to know their neighbors or at least their dogs through daily walking activities.

We have had celebrities living here; most recently was Loretta Young. However, Jerry Lewis, Bill Holden, Marjorie Main, and Tippi Hedren, to name a few, owned homes.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly place in which to live. In fact, we have a number of annual neighborhood events to promote neighbors getting to know neighbors. The Deepwell Estates Neighborhood Organization (DENO) sponsors these happenings. In addition, we have an active Neighborhood Watch program and a newsletter.

DENO is one of the oldest neighborhood organizations in Palm Springs. According to our records, it was organized in 1995 and in joining, residents agreed to architectural requirements, regulations regarding compliance with building laws, fences, hedges, and zoning regulations with annual dues of $25. Their focus was to have "influence with Palm Springs City agencies as well as keeping Deepwell Estates in a highly desirable position and good neighborly relationships."

The socialization goal continues today through annual events including the Annual Meeting in January and neighborhood garage sale in February. In March, six homes opened their backyards for the Garden Walk. The beauty and variety of outdoor living spaces is absolutely spectacular. Progressive Deepwell in April provides plenty of good food and conversation. August Summer Survival is an evening cocktail party. And Taste of Deepwell (potluck) in October means we get to experience favorite recipes of those participating.

It is the openness and friendliness of residents that keeps the organization functioning and Deepwell a desirable place in which to live. 


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