Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Palm Springs is a City of great neighborhoods because our residents choose to make a difference in the places where they live.

As such, the Palm Springs Fire Department sponsors community activists who want to learn skills such as basic first-aid, emergency organization, search operations, and other abilities that will help tide-over and secure our neighborhoods until professional responders can be of assistance. The PSFD hosts the CERT training, entailing 20 hours of class-room and hands-on learning, along with recurring sessions of retraining.

The DENO CERT group established itself to help our Deepwell neighbors in the event of a major emergency. Operations like scouting out the neighborhood for collapsed houses, identification of gas leaks and fires, and providing basic first-aid, will be conducted until more professional responders can make it into our neighborhood.

Of course, the effect of the response that Deepwell can muster is very much dependent upon how many persons have been trained and participate – following a major earthquake, it could be several days before the authorities get to Deepwell. If you are interested in participating, or desire additional information please contact DENO's CERT Coordinator, Mary Moody Lewis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What Can DENO Do?

  • Develop, communicate and update a neighborhood emergency response plan that anticipates communication, safety, shelter, medical and food needs;
  • Survey residents and develop a neighborhood 'map' to identify:
    • Residents with special skills, training or equipment, who are willing to help out if an emergency occurs;
    • Residents who may need greater assistance because of their age or health, or other special needs;
  • Provide residents with emergency preparedness information; and,
  • Inform residents of and coordinate emergency training opportunities.

Applicable Resources

City Of Palm Springs - CERT

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Palm Springs CERT Newsletter Spring 2012

Publication: FEMA Preparing for your pet

Publication: FEMA Preparing for Emergencies

What Can You Do?

  • Prepare

    • Purchase and maintain emergency supplies that will sustain you, your family and pets for 72 hours or more;
    • Become trained in First Aid and CPR;
    • Enroll in the CERT training course offered by the Palm Springs Fire Department; Next CERT course (pdf).
    • Complete the Household Emergency Information Form (available through our coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), and return it to DENO. Our CERT coordinator will match your skills and interests with the needs of DENO and our community.
  • Volunteer

    • Help develop our neighborhood Readiness Plan and Map;
    • Attend our next DENO CERT meeting; and,
    • Serve on our DENO CERT Team.


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