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Palm Springs is a City of great neighborhoods because our residents choose to make a difference in the places where they live.

The DENO Board Of Advisors hears from many residents reporting an increase in noise (most notably from party homes), traffic and incidences of trash cans remaining at curbside for days. We realize that neighborhood peace and quiet is a quality of life issue. While not trying to stop people from having a good time, we want them to be respectful of their neighbors—and if they won’t be, neighbors need a recourse of action.
The City of Palm Springs has acknowledged a significant increase in noise issues from single-family homes operating as Vacation Rental Properties, and has established a 24-Hour Vacation Rental Complaint Hotline (760.322.8383). This is in addition to the general noise complaint Hotline (760-327-1445) which is the non-emergency Police Department dispatch phone number.
It is important affected residents call the Vacation Rental Hotline as the incident is occurring so prompt action can be taken. The hotline process is designed to be immediately responsive to the incident and provide the necessary documentation to allow the city to follow-up with the owner or property manager. The City of Palm Springs is taking this issue seriously but the program can only be effective if residents report the problem (incidents can be reported anonymously). DENO has prepared a detailed discussion of the Vacation Rental Hotline Process (including a simple flowchart). We encourage you to download and print this guide so you have it at-hand should you need it. You can download the guide here, or click the image below to view. This guide is also presented below-left for your immediate reference, with highlights from Ordinance 1748 appearing adjacent.

DENO Vacation Rental Hotline Reporting Process


vacationprocessflowchart-mouseoutIn response to many complaints over the years about noisy “party houses”, in 2008 the City of Palm Springs passed Ordinance 1748, the “Vacation Rental Ordinance.” The ordinance requires vacation rental owners to register their property with the City and to collect TOT (bed) taxes from guests, just as hotels do—they are, in effect, businesses. To ensure that these businesses exist in harmony with the residential character of the neighborhood, the ordinance also defines parameters with regard to noise, occupancy limits, and other operational requirements. Since that time, most of the problems with vacation rentals have subsided. However, the DENO Board of Advisors often gets inquiries about how to deal with problem vacation rental houses in the neighborhood. Although there are a good many of these rental homes in Deepwell (about 35 as of this writing), only a few are actually creating problems for neighbors. Often, residents do not know about, or are confused by, exactly what to do when there is a loud party going on (at any time of the day or night). We thought that a basic explanation of how the City’s Vacation Rental Ordinance works might be in order.
The following is an explanation of the procedures that should be used when calling to report a noise or other violation. It is important to note that all calls to the Vacation Rental Hotline are anonymous. Neither the owner of the property nor any guests will be told who called. The hotline operates 24/7 and is staffed by friendly operators who report your call to the manager of the property. The on-call manager then has 45 minutes to respond by going to the property and correcting the problem with the guests. It is important that residents call the hotline as the disturbance is occurring. 
The reporting process is detailed on the following sheet with information to make your contact most effective. The Call Center advises you to call back if the problem persists after one hour following the contact—feel free to also call the Palm Springs Police Department directly at this point. 
Following the incident we encourage notifying the DENO Board Of Advisors through DENO will follow-up with the City Vacation Rental Desk to confirm complete disposition. The City of Palm Springs takes these incidents seriously, but can only act if you call them.

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City Of Palm Springs


Highlights—Ordinance 1748

  • Registration Requirements

    • Identify Local 24-hour Contact Person to include 24-hour telephone number;
    • Specify number of bedrooms and specify the applicable overnight and daytime occupancy limit;
    • Provide evidence of valid Business License and Transient Occupancy Registration Certificate; and,
    • Submit proof of general liability insurance.
  • Operational Requirements

    • Owner shall limit overnight occupancy with the maximum of two persons per bedroom PLUS two additional persons (e.g. If the number of bedrooms is two, the maximum overnight occupancy would be six);
    • Additional daytime occupants limited to 50% of overnight occupancy (e.g. in the previous example the total daytime maximum occupancy would be nine.);
    • No outside music is allowed. Specifically in §5.25.070e: "Any radio receiver, musical instrument, phonograph, loudspeaker, sound amplifier or any machine or device for the producing or reproducing of any sound shall be conducted within an enclosed Vacation Rental unit.";
    • Prior to each rental the owner (or owner's representative) shall identify a Responsible Person, provide the 'Good Neighbor Brochure', and require execution of a formal acknowledgment that he or she is legally responsible for compliance of all occupants and guests with applicable provisions of this ordinance and/or Municipal Code;
    • Owner must provide the highest level of solid waste collection service (e.g. Walk-In Service); and,
    • A copy of the permit must be posted within the unit and owner must post occupancy conditions specified within the ordinance.
    • Since January 01, 2011 the city has additionally required that any written advertising prominently place the Transient Occupancy Tax Permit Number. More Information.


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